Please bring me butter…peanut butter.

A long time ago, I was assigned this ridiculous orange rental car that i dubbed “the venga bus.” My boyfriend wanted badly to drive the monstrosity, so even though I had miraculously found a parking spot in front of his place, I let him take it for a spin around the block. Naturally, the spot was gone when we’d finished joyriding. We spent the next ten or so minutes driving around Roscoe Village, hunting for a place to park.

We ended up parking on a really busy road, having totally given up on finding a spot on a residential street. As we made the seemingly epic journey back to his building, a voice called out to us from the gated window of a garden apartment. Actually, the voice was in no way intended for us, but we heard it.

“You tell him, don’t bring me nothing with no butter in it!”

Nothing special there. Just a lady on the phone. Moving along.

“…No peanut butter!”

That was the beginning of what has been a long-cherished inside joke for us. Reading back over what I just wrote, I find myself giggling in very much the same way I did when I first heard that amazing woman. I also realize that it might be not at all funny to persons who weren’t there that night.

It was the gravity with which she explained exactly which kind of butter she did not want to be brought. That’s what made it so amazing. When I’ve had a few beers, that’s what makes me randomly remind my man not to bring me any peanut butter. Ever. For any reason.

The really funny thing is that lately, he’s been on a peanut butter kick. When I insisted he let me bake his birthday cake, guess what he asked for.

I’ve been trying to update my food blog more frequently, and I have been, at different blog sites. So now I have like 20 of them (some where i use swear words, some where I try to seem professional, or wonder how I would feel if my boyfriend’s mom found my blog…you understand.). I decided this one if my favorite, so I’m doing what I can to consolidate everything around here. Here’s what I originally posted at my posterous about this pb cake.

I made this cake at the request of my boyfriend, for his birthday. He didn’t beg me to make his cake; in fact, he totally would have been alright ordering one. Basically, I begged him to let me do it, and when he said he wanted chocolate peanut butter, I actually got super nervous. There are a few things I think I do really well, and getting out of my comfort zone can be anxiety-inducing. Typically, I like to really research how to make the most fancy, most detailed, craziest cake possible, and I make myself crazy in the process. The day I needed this cake was going to be really packed anyway, so I tried very hard to simplify everything. Here’s what I ended up with:

This chocolate cake recipe from Martha Stewart


Martha’s chocolate frosting recipe to match


Peanut Butter filling (swiss meringue buttercream + jiff peanut butter)


oh man, it was a pretty great cake. Of course, I was so tired from working on it, and keeping an eye on two little dudes, and running around trying to get ready for the birthday dinner, I didn’t even want to look at it by the time it was all said and done. The birthday boy liked it. That’s all I wanted. :]

I just split two baked 8″ layers and filled them all with the peanut butter filling. Everything got topped with the chocolate forsting, which had a really nice crusty texture, like the storebought stuff. The borders and writing were done with peanut butter filling. Simple!


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