nobody spoke, and i went into a dream

One of the first days off I spent in my new place, I spent doing a puzzle and drinking tons of coffee. Now, as I wait for Easter from the black confines of a sleepy, coffee-deprived Lent; that sunny, java-soaked July afternoon is ripe for remembering.

It started, as many happy days too, with an amazing breakfast. I toasted some croissants from work, fried some eggs and potatoes, and washed a big bowl of cherries. I used my previous roommate’s amazing coffee grinder (he was briefly staying with myself and my new roommate before moving to New York), and brewed a perfect french press. We drank orange juice from little beer glasses, and Kym crafted some flowers for the table, in like, 9 seconds.

All this good stuff was only the beginning of a long, hot, quiet day. We didn’t have internet or television int he apartment, so I spent the day listening to Joanna Newsom, sprawled out on the floor with my Beatles puzzle.

There were lots of lazy days like this in the summertime. There wasn’t much to do except unpack, and I put that off as long as I could. Once, when I was sure I’d have some time for unpacking, Scott called and said he was home from work with a cold. I did a bit of shopping and arrived at his place with some supplies he had requested, as well as everything I needed to make a special cold remedy I’d learned about reading Desserts by the Yard. That day I happily muddled together mint, ginger, lemons and honey, and boiled them into a delicious tea, instead of unpacking.

Another day, I had come home from work, and was reading on the couch, when the power went out in my building. Outside, I heard my new neighbors gathering to discuss the outage. With all of the fans stopped, and no air conditioning, I was noticing more and more the stifling effect of the heat. After only about ten minutes, I ducked out of the apartment and wandered over to the library. It was a quick walk from my place, and once there, I was treated to an hour of reading Martha’s Baking Handbook, browsing craft books, and mooching free wi-fi. Forced to leave at six, when the place was closing, I headed home, praying the power was back on. It wasn’t. I just went to bed.


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