Sugar High Friday #40

My frist Sugar High Friday! I’m still very new to food blogging, and even though I’d love to show off photogaphy and food styling like Bea at La Tartine Gourmande, or Matt at Mattbites, all I can do so far is make something taste good. But I’m working on it! And the pie I made for this event was very special to me.Pies That Evoke Your Dreams! This event is being hosted by Rachel at Vampituity, who drew inspiration from two really neat sources:

(1) The AMAZING movie Waitress, which stars Keri Russel and a very talented woman named Adrienne Shelly who wrote and directed the film, but who was senselessly murdered before the film was released. If you haven’t, WATCH this movie. It’s genius, and my word the PIES! The pies are the Ancient Greek Chorus of the movie. They give you insight to what’s really going on. If you bake, you cannot watch this film and not be inspired to bake a pie that is an expression of your self or your situation.

(2) The Pie Ranch of California. The Pie Ranch teaches young people about the full cycle of their food. From the earth to the kitchen and back to the earth. These youngsters are harvesting their pie ingredients locally, learning their way around a bakeshop, and selling the pies at Mission Pie in San Fransisco. This is a really important movement for social change. This program is teaching young people to appreciate not only the food they eat, but the waste that results from food production and the quality vs. price factor when it comes to buying groceries. Learn more about it at PieRanch.Org and MissionPie.Com

On to the pie! This isn’t an “I’m having an affair with my prenatal specialist” pie, or an “I don’t want no damn baby” pie. This is a pie about a dream that I have, in which I own a bakery that is flooded with sunlight, where guests are free to spend all day in a fluffy chair enjoying comforting foods and company. This is a dream that I revisit every day, when I’m driving around scouting buildings I’d like to buy, or when I’m at school getting lost in the kneading of whatever dough I’m working on. This is a dream about Apple Berry Pie.

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